Cat Obesity - How to make my cat lose weight

Extra weight reduces your cat's quality of life. Our guide will help you assess their weight, control their calorie intake and help them lose excess weight

5/1/20233 min read

how to make my cat lose weight
how to make my cat lose weight

How to help your cat lose weight

More than half of cat owners live with overweight pets, and what would that seem like? But excess weight can bring a lot of health problems to your cat and even shorten her life if you ignore this problem.

Why are even a few extra pounds can be harmful?

When considering being overweight, you should think proportionately and understand that 2 extra pounds for your cat is the same as 50 extra pounds for a human. It doesn’t seem so harmless anymore, right?

In this article, we will look at what you should start with and how to help my cat lose weight

Start by consulting a veterinarian.

Before dealing with the excess weight of your cat, be sure to register with a veterinarian. Each cat has different physiology and needs, and even small changes in its diet can have both positive and negative consequences. The veterinarian is the best source of recommendations to ensure that your pet eats well and does not gain excess weight. He will help you determine how much weight a cat needs to lose so that she feels comfortable.

Make food consumption a test.

Any overweight cat requires a diet that your pet may be very skeptical of, as most likely you have not restricted it before, and a sudden change in diet can be very stressful.

You can buy a puzzle feed that will not only take your cat physically but also intellectually; in addition, you yourself set the amount of food that gets into the bowl.

You can also move a bowl of food throughout your home so that each time the cat has to look for it again, you can add additional tests and hide food in hard-to-reach places, so the animal will burn calories before collecting them.

how to help my cat lose weight
how to help my cat lose weight

Play with your cat for at least 30 minutes a day.

You need to seriously think about the activities of your pet, as this is an important part of the process of weight loss and you cannot do without it.

There are plenty of encouraging toys, such as balls with a food hole inside, that your cat will be happy to catch as they will smell.

You can also take her out, because the story of walking is not only about dogs; it can also be useful for a cat to walk around the surroundings if she has a suitable temperament for this. Do not forget that for cats, it is better to use a sleeve and a guide than a necklace, so they will feel more free.

how to help my cat lose weight
how to help my cat lose weight

Choose the right food.

This, of course, will also help the veterinarian, but as a rule, for overweight cats, use low-carbohydrate feed. You can also try to introduce your cat to raw food; it promotes weight loss, and a high level of moisture will relieve it of the possibility of kidney infections. Well, naturally, it is best to gradually introduce the pet to the diet in order to avoid rejection.

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In order for your cat to feel as comfortable as possible during the diet, you should not pressure him, gradually introduce dietary food, reduce the number of meals, introduce activity before eating, and do not forget that your pet also has a daily schedule. As cats are potential hunters, they can use the "hunting-feed-care-sleep-repeat" method. If you track how it works in your cat, it will be easier to understand when to play with it and when to feed.